The Way Of Light
A young flying squirrel, Ollie, accidentally falls into a large subterranean cave in the middle of the night, he soon discovers that he is not alone as there are many others that call this their home, in fact there is a whole lost civilisation that dwell within this world. Ollie ventures deep into the cave where he discovers a magic glowing key which points to a mysterious source, however he soon discovers that there are others also after this key. Along the way he encounters other travellers, Nuru the shaman, Amara the fighter and Hielbert the Merchant.
In order for Ollie to return home he must find the Box of mystery and confront the Guardian as well as many other perils the cave has to offer, with the help of his new friends, they will find a way.
Light is a valuable resource in these caves but there are those who can see without it.

Nuru (Leader)
Nuru is the Leader of the group, normally a solitary character he is the first to meet the lost little Ollie and agrees to help him find his way home, Nuru is very spiritual and connected to the cave and its secrets. He is very knowledgable of the cave system and keeps the peace among the other characters.
He keeps his face covered as he is very sensitive to light, the mask helps him to see better with his super hearing and able to provide a light source for fellow travellers, he's an excellent climber and uses his cloak to glide across vast areas of the cave grasping his staff with his feet.
Ollie (Brave)
Ollie is a young flying squirrel from the surface world, unfortunately has fallen in to the vast subterranean cave system and needs to find his way back home, he encounters many creatures a characters within the cave, eventually he comes across a mysterious glowing key. This key leads to the box of mystery thats guarded by a terrible wild creature. In order for Ollie to return home he must be brave and obtain the secrets of the box with the help of his new friends.
Amara (Serious)
Amara is blind cave salamander, but even though she is blind that doesn't stop her one bit, she uses he frill to sense her environment meaning she requires no light at all. She is a skilled fighter and very agile not to mention an excellent swimmer. At first she is reluctant to help as she can be quite stubborn but she does want to aid Ollie in getting to the box of mystery. however she has a troubled past and has had confrontation with Batu the crocodile before. She joins the group of adventurers as protection for Ollie so that he gets home safe.
Heilbert (Joyful)
Heilbert is alway prepared, in-fact he's a jack of all trades, he's a skilled chef and excellent at knitting his web to get out of sticky situations. Heilbert wanders the cave as a travelling merchant and is able to give information about the key and what it leads to, to Ollie , he collects and stores much of what he finds in his giant backpack, which really comes in handy. He's always optimistic and joyful and nothing can bring him down, he's a powerhouse of energy and constantly on the move.
Batu (Mischievous)
Batu Is a Bad Croc, he's always on the look out for treasures and ways to rule the cave. He wants to be in charge and doesn't care how but when he hears of Ollie and the key he takes it upon himself to take the key from him and obtain the treasures of the box for himself. Batu is very big and strong and has the ability of illuminate an area with his spiky spines and if you're not careful you may find yourself at the wrong side of those sharp deadly teeth!
Guardian (Wild Creature)
The Guardian is a giant creature that dwells within the heart of the cave, it is the creature that guards the box of mystery which it holds within it's tentacles, the Guardian is suspended high on the ceiling of the cave, the hardest place to reach, and illuminates it's surroundings with its body much like a giant glow worm.
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